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Apr, 2024


Hello Latrobe Little Leaguers,

     I would like to first thank all the volunteers who came today for Field Prep Day and got our fields ready for the season.  It is so awesome to see so many volunteers give up their day for our players.  It is great to be a part of Latrobe Little League and see the support that we have.
     Work completed on the Little League Field included the raising of 3rd base, lot of dirt was put on the infield, infield was edged out to perfection, grass was cut inside and outside the field, bathrooms & dugouts were cleaned, pressbox was cleaned by "Ben in the Booth", new boxes in the dugouts for the batting helmets, field was rolled & groomed and foul lines painted.  This is the best I have seen our Little League Field look in the 24 years I have been involved with Latrobe Little League. Tremendous job field crew and wait until you see it !
     At the First Ward Field, the field was groomed, home plate was replaced, new bases were installed and pitching rubber was moved to the correct position.  
     With the great turnout of volunteers, we were able to have 2 fields ready to go. LK1 is ready to go as well.  Great job again to the 2 crews who worked today !
     I totally appreciate everything that our volunteers do. Now let's "PLAY BALL" and I look forward to having a great season !

Thank you,
John M Russo
Latrobe Little League

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