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Jul, 2023


    Dave McCracken, umpire at Latrobe Little League since 1991, was selected by Little League International to umpire this year at Eastern Regionals ! 
    He missed 2 years umpiring when he moved to New York. Dave moved back and umpired at Latrobe Derry Teener Ieague for 10 years. He also umpired High School for 2 years and Legion Baseball for 2 years.
    Dave has umpired several All Star District,  Section and State Tournaments for Little League. In 2013,  he umpired the first Eastern Regional in Commack, New York for 13 year olds. In 2015,  he umpired in Freehold, New Jersey for Junior Baseball for LL, which basically was 13 and 14 year olds. He umpired in Kutno, Poland for Junior Baseball for Europe and Africa Regionals. In 2017, Dave was selected to go back to Freehold, New Jersey again. In 2019, he was selected to umpire in Bangor, Maine for LL Senior Baseball Eastern Regional. Dave has been umpiring 33 years and 31 have been at Latrobe Little League!
     When Little Leagues had to start paying umpires to keep them in their leagues, Dave chose to stay in Latrobe Little League. Latrobe Little League did not pay their umpires for years and Dave stayed here to umpire for free during those 15 years ! We are very lucky to have Dave as one of our umpires.
    Below is his picture with his umpire uniform for the Eastern Regionals. He picked number 26 because that is what District our Little League plays in, "District 26". He will be on TV umpiring during Eastern Regionals, so support him by watching his games. 
     If Dave performs well at Eastern Regionals, then he could be selected to do the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. This is the greatest achievement for a Little League Umpire ! Umpires are selected by Williamsport and the umpire can only umpire one time at Williamsport! Good luck Dave !

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